Valve Possibly Working On Steam Cloud Gaming Service

The future is coming, and it seems to be flowing. Or it appears that is where a lot of businesses want to end up at, even though it is not sure yet how it ‘ll go. Sony with PS Now, Microsoft with xCloud and Google with Stadia are all examples of present or forthcoming projects which are currently targeting this method of deliver. And it is possible that Valve could possibly be seeking to get into it.

As per a new update from sister code website, there’s many references to a”Steam Cloud Gaming” from the newest files, which you can check out for yourself through here.

We have to place this under speculation, As this is just code for now. It may possibly refer to a lot of things, though the emphasis on the term”cloud” definitely invokes an app from the vein of the aforementioned services. Considering the standing in the PC marketplace of Valve, it also would not be surprise to see shortly. Stay tuned.

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