Our Staff


Kevin Harlen Editor

Kevin is the editor for Liberty Gamer. He has a passion for gaming and now he works as the main editor for Liberty Gamer.

Contact: (+1) 406-545-1950
Email: [email protected]amer.com


Larry Ziler Writer

Larry is the Writer working for Liberty Gamer. He loves to write and have been writing for some time now before joining Liberty Gamer.

Contact: (+1) 406-542-9502
Email: [email protected]


Marvin Bernt Reporter

Marvin is working as the reporter at Liberty Gamer. He works really hard to provide our readers with the hottest news in the gaming world.

Contact: (+1) 406-549-4701
Email: [email protected]


Stacy Smith Author

Stacy is the chief Author for Liberty Gamer. She has a great gift for writing and loves to write at Liberty Gamer.

Contact: (+1) 406-542-6920
Email: [email protected]

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