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Pillars Of Eternity Dev Says Deadfire Sales Were Low Sequel Might Not Happen

Pillars Of Eternity Dev Says Deadfire Sales Were Low Sequel Might Not Happen – WILL THERE BE A PILLARS OF ETERNITY III?

That is the question someone Put to Obsidian design director Josh Sawyer and a lot of confidence does not inspire.

Writing on his Tumblr, Sawyer said the”relatively low” earnings of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire suggest that if Obsidian Were to develop a third game, the studio could have to”re-examine the whole format of this match.” He added that if not there is occurs a third game not up to him.

Pillars Of Eternity Dev Says Deadfire Sales Were Low Sequel Might Not Happen

Despite powerful pre-orders and reviews, Deadfire sold worse than Sawyer, The very first match added.



Is it because the very first game fulfilled the existing Need and the crowd only weren’t curious about the next.

Is it because awareness was reduced for the sequel and despite the strong sales for its first match and the reviews, people did not’really’ like it? Maybe it’s a combination of all of these items,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer went on to say that since Obsidian does understand That makes it difficult to proceed with the sequence, Deadfire failed to market at a level.

However, Deadfire reviewed nicely with critics; the game has an 88 on Arithmetic compared to an 89 for the original game.

Some Have stated Pillars of Eternity could have profited from abandoning the real-time with pause (RTwP) battle mechanics, but Sawyer said that this didn’t hurt sales.

I am sure some of the folks reading this think they understand precisely why Deadfire marketed worse than Pillars 1.

They really don’t have that assurance, which is just one of many reasons why I am skeptical about attempting to direct a sequel.

Sawyer said I couldn’t give our viewers the game that they wanted and without understanding where I went wrong.


While Deadfire may not happen to be a top-seller, Obsidian’s most up-to-date game, The Outer Worlds, was a critical and a commercial success. Sawyer did not have a lot of participation in that match, however.

Microsoft recently acquired Obsidian, and also the Xbox-maker reportedly has plans to turn The Outer Worlds into a franchise. As Sawyer alluded to this, there is no word on if the Pillars of Eternity franchise will continue going forward.

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